The Craft Shopper’s Dilemma

via Daily Prompt: Local

So…..I have a dilemma. My local craft shop (the only one around that isn’t a big chain) are selling Distress Oxides for 3 for £17. Do I spend £2 more to support them than I would spend online? I feel guilty. There was no one else in there, so I spent around 10 mins chatting to the lady about products etc. I left saying I would be back….I WILL go back and buy something, but it’s against my ‘crafting cheaply’ mantra to spend more than I need to! I guess though I could say if I go back and don’t have the coffee I usually have when in town that I can spend the few extra quid in that shop….and you know….I didn’t have that coffee today 🙂 so if they aren’t ridiculously cheap at the craft show this weekend……I guess I’m getting some from the craft shop!



1 Week and 1 Day Left!

Quick Update:

So all my pieces are finished ready to be mounted. I am making 4 of the pieces raised from the background – which is tricky! So that part of it is a work in progress.

The other two pieces I ordered mounts for – but the framing shop got them totally wrong so they don’t fit! I was really upset. They are correcting them, so hopefully I can go and pick them up Friday night (hanging of the exhibition is Monday!)Probably another busy weekend next weekend!


Preparing for the exhibition

Ahhh so I have 2 weeks and 2 days until our group printmaking exhibition goes up.

Firstly….I need to actually finish the pieces. Secondly….I need to get mounts cut. Thirdly…..I need to screw all the d rings onto the frames. I sense I’m going to have a busy weekend!

I’m excited though. I’ll add photos when everything is ready!