Bursting Birthday Card

birthday card

I made this card for my best friend. His birthday was yesterday. It actually took a while to make. I sprayed some tissue with water, added brushos and then saturated it with water and left it to dry. Once dry I added it to the front of the card blank, sprayed it with water again and left it to dry. Once dry, I peeled the tissue off so it left a subtle impression.

Then I stamped with lots of different stamps and added embossing powders to small areas using a clear ink embossing pen.

I love how with brushos, each background comes out differently.



A Super Sticky Stamp Solution

I bought some Woodware ‘Seashells’ stamps recently. They are beautiful, but I had a really hard time using them to begin with, because they are so sticky. I used the stamping platform, but the stamp stuck to the paper and when I lifted it off, it ripped the thin paper I was stamping on to.

I got some advice from the place I bought them from (Loobi Crafts) and they suggested I try Versafine ink. Well wow it really worked!

sticky stamp prints

The print on the left is black Archival and on the right is navy blue Versafine ink. Both are one print using the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform.

After years of crafting I think I’m going to swap ink. From Archival to Versafine!