About Me

I’m a lady (okay maybe not a lady….a woman) in my 30s living in the Midlands in the U.K. I work nearly full-time for the NHS (and have been doing so for about 4 years). I’ve moved around a lot and live on my own with family and friends dotted around the country. The upshot of that is that I have A LOT of time to myself. When I’m not playing computer games or away visiting friends and family, I fill the time with anything related to art or craft. I’ve tried all sorts….sewing, printmaking, painting, collage, stamp carving, needle felting, paper cutting, altered books and art journaling (I could go on). I also love writing poetry although I haven’t written anything new in quite a while. A friend from work says I should write a book of my funny stories, so maybe I should share one or two of those on my blog!

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask something or give me some feedback 🙂




What Do You Think?

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