Making a Doll Pattern

I haven’t finished my first doll yet, but I wanted a challenge over Christmas, so decided to have a bash at making my own doll pattern (I never like to take the easy option!)….but how to go about it?

I did my initial sketches:

faun sketch 1

I want to make a faun. I have lots of ideas, I know I want to make quirky dolls from now on!

I started by making a template out of air-drying clay:


Then I removed the horns and ears and drew on the seams. I used pins and tissue paper to make templates with darts in:


I then tried it out of a cheap piece of white fabric:


This is the result. It needs a bit of tweaking (hence the pins). The purple pen lines will fade as it’s a light soluble  fabric pen.

The next steps are to do the same thing with the body and to trial both in the proper fabric….which I still have to decide on!


Hurrah – Friendly Plastic Success

Hurrah - Friendly Plastic Success


friendly plastic play 2


friendly plastic play 3


I decided to get back on the horse and have another go with the friendly plastic (I bought a stash of it so I kinda had to!) I tried one of my least favourite stamps with a clear ink pad and left it to go completely cold before peeling it off. It worked, so I tried a few other stamps and here are the results! Has anyone else tried working with friendly plastic? What kind of things do you do with it?

I Found My Blitzer!

stencil plus blitzer

stencil plus blitzer colour restored

After seeing this post  by the Frugal Crafter and seeing the machine Tim Holtz and Stampin Up are peddling, I thought….I have one of them from when I was a kid, but it’s called a Blitzer. My Mum had saved it in a cupboard and it’s in good nick considering it’s 15-20 years old! I thought it would be perfect for stenciling as I have found it pretty difficult to get a crisp image all over the stencil! You add pens (I used Promarkers) and pump air through it and the ink kinda bursts onto the page. Some pens put splodges and some more find sprays of ink, fab for stencils though so I’m really chuffed!

The second image is just where I have added colour restoration when scanning it in. Interesting to see how the colours change!