My New Art Journal

New Art Journal

cover detail

I was at ‘The Range’ the other day, having gone to have a browse and maybe pick up a smash journal.  I wanted to buy a made up journal to use, as the sketchbook I’m using is a bit awkward, because you can’t take the pages out to work on them and the 3D elements mean that rubber stamping is tricky. I was so chuffed to find one of the Madam Payraud journals for £2, because it was missing the packaging and I snapped it up straight away.

I’ve decorated it by adding ribbons, lace, a friendly plastic embellishment and some text I printed out on my printer.


More Embellishements

More Embellidhements

border 1 embellishement

leaf embellishment

group of embellishmentsI got a little obsessed with making embellishments using a new set of silicone molds I got yesterday. I really ought to work out what I am going to use the embellishments for! 🙂 I love the beautiful swirling colours!

Hurrah – Friendly Plastic Success

Hurrah - Friendly Plastic Success


friendly plastic play 2


friendly plastic play 3


I decided to get back on the horse and have another go with the friendly plastic (I bought a stash of it so I kinda had to!) I tried one of my least favourite stamps with a clear ink pad and left it to go completely cold before peeling it off. It worked, so I tried a few other stamps and here are the results! Has anyone else tried working with friendly plastic? What kind of things do you do with it?

Friendly Plastic Disaster

So my first foray into the world of friendly plastic has ended somewhat badly! The demonstrator made it look soooo easy! I heated it with a heat tool and pressed a stamp into it. I thought it would be like UTEE and harden quickly. I left it quite a while before peeling the stamp off, but it was still slightly soft and stuck to the stamp. I stupidly heated the stamp to try and get it off (couldn’t think of anything else) and rubbed it, to find the stamp rubbed off! Arg! So I have resorted to trimming off that flower from the stamp and it prints okay now, if somewhat less balanced in terms of design. Has anyone else had trouble with friendly plastic? Other problems I had was not getting a clean cut with cookie cutters and cracking of the metallic finish. But I did get a couple of good little embellishments. More practice definitely required! Any tips would be most welcome!!