Creating Brushos Backgrounds

Primary Colours Brusho Background

Primary Colours Brusho Background close up

I’ve gone a bit nuts creating Brusho backgrounds. I’ve found a few ways to get different effects with Brushos using vintage papers, loo roll and kitchen roll.

The image above was made by spraying a piece of kitchen roll with water so it’s really really wet and adding Brushos (primary colours), then then spraying again. Then I pressed a piece of sketchbook paper onto it to get a print. I used quite a lot of Brushos on this to get the vibrant colours.

I love using them with vintage papers. I have music sheets and an old dictionary. I tried taking ‘prints’ using loo roll instead of kitchen roll. It tended to come out quite faint, although it does get darker as it dries, but a piece accidentally ripped and stuck to the paper. When it dried it just popped off and left a lovely shadow, which was stronger in colour than the ‘prints’:

dictionary page brushos1

dictionary page brushos1 close up

I then had the bits of loo roll left, so I glued them on some music not paper:

Loo Roll and Brushos on Music Paper.jpg

Loo Roll and Brushos on Music Paper close up

This one is actually only one layer of the loo roll sheet, so not full thickness. At the moment you can probably still tell it’s loo roll, but with more added to the background, it could look lovely. The colour seems to stay more ‘true’using this method of application, compared to applying Brushos directly.

I’m also waiting for some pieces to dry where I have scrunched up the loo roll after spraying it with water and sprinkling it with Brushos, then pressed it between two pieces of paper. If it look any good, I’ll let you know!

If you try this, tell me how you get on!



P.S You can see a loo roll and Brushos handmade card here.



1 Week and 1 Day Left!

Quick Update:

So all my pieces are finished ready to be mounted. I am making 4 of the pieces raised from the background – which is tricky! So that part of it is a work in progress.

The other two pieces I ordered mounts for – but the framing shop got them totally wrong so they don’t fit! I was really upset. They are correcting them, so hopefully I can go and pick them up Friday night (hanging of the exhibition is Monday!)Probably another busy weekend next weekend!


Preparing for the exhibition

Ahhh so I have 2 weeks and 2 days until our group printmaking exhibition goes up.

Firstly….I need to actually finish the pieces. Secondly….I need to get mounts cut. Thirdly…..I need to screw all the d rings onto the frames. I sense I’m going to have a busy weekend!

I’m excited though. I’ll add photos when everything is ready!






Gel Plate Prints 3

I’ve been playing around even more with my plate formula and I think I have finally tackled the stickiness issue!

squares print 1

squares print detailThis print was done using a piece of cardboard I had used modelling paste onto with squares stamped into it. The second image is just a close up to show the texture.

gelli print

This one is just a straight-forward print. Not sure whether I like the roller marks or not!


gelli print background

This one is a paper stencil I’d used in various other prints used over a straight-forward printed background. I think it would make a good art journal background.


gelli print stenciled


This one is a ghost print of a stenciled print.

I have had a lot of fun playing around. I have so many prints now, I should work out what to do with them really!


Gel Plate Attempt 2

Gelli Plate Attempt 2

music notes print 1

cogs print 1Okay so the prints work, that’s good, but some of them are still a little sticky and I’m trying to work out why. I added a bit more water, but I think it still might be the glycerin. I’ve re-melted it and added a bit more water so we’ll see if it actually sets okay now! And if so, is it still sticky? Anyway these are some of the (many) prints from this print run!

If anyone has any ideas about the gel mixture, let me know!