Happy Accident

So I decided to try removing one of my tricky large rubber stamps from the wooden block.

It actually worked well and stamps much better, but there was an unexpected gain.

wooden block with remaining texture

There were bits of rubber left on the block and I thought…that’s a nice texture, so I tried stamping it. And turned it into a card background using Brushos.

brushos card with background texture

And then I did some more!

brushos card with background texture2

brushos texture and flower card

How else could you use some byproducts from your stash?





Best Wishes Handmade Card

best wishes card

Another card made with vintage papers, this time an old dictionary. My friend commented that having the word ‘cuckold’ in the background somewhat takes away from the ‘best wishes’ message, but hey there is also ‘cuddle’ so perhaps that cancels ‘cuckold’ out?!?

I used a 3D embossing folder which I pressed together with Brushos and the dictionary page inside. I then stamped and inked over the top and added the die cut frame.  I’m not yet sure if it’s finished, but then I often say that!



Floral Stencilled Card

floral stencil card

floral stencil card close up 1

floral stencil card close up 2

Just a quick post today.

This is the latest Card I’ve made. I used Brushos on a vintage sheet music and then overlaid a stencil and drew the design through the holes before colouring the shapes in with a black Promarker. I mounted it on cream card and mounted an off-cut with the stamped phrase ‘with love’ on it.




Armillary Sphere Handmade Card

Globe card close up

globe card 1

I created this card using Brushos onto vintage music paper. I then stamped all round the edges to add texture and sponged the edges with white acrylic. I then stamped the sphere in the centre and finally used a credit card to add black paint to the edges, before I attached it to a black card blank.

I’d like to enter it into the That’s Crafty! Going Round in Circles Challenge.



Set Adrift Handmade Postcard

Adrift Card Close Up

Adrift Card

Again I’m trying to use some of the stamps I’ve had for a while and haven’t done much with. This postcard was made using a page from a vintage dictionary decorated with Brushos, a stamp from the Santoro Adrift set and black acrylic paint around the edges. I decided to go over the stamp with black pen to make it stand out more. I also knocked the background back a bit with white pencil and added a little shading.

I’d like to enter it into the Country View Crafts ‘Pimp it Up’ Blog Challenge!



Man with Umbrella Handmade Card

man with umbrella card

man with umbrella card close up

I’ve had the man with the umbrella Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous stamp for years and never really known how to use it. I had a background I’d created using loo roll and Brushos (see here for more information), but this background was calling for something black and bold. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but the stamp has gone really sticky. I can’t remember if it’s always been sticky, but it means it’s tricky to stamp cleanly. I ended up inking it twice and carefully peeling it off the background after each stamping.

I then used a stamp from the Santoro Adrift collection (cut up) to create the rain, which I made stand out more by going over it with a black pen. The house was from a really cheap Covermason stamp set I got from Amazon (I can’t find it on there at the moment).

I thought it needed something else, so I went round the edges with a black pen. It’s a bit rough in places, but I’m calling that my new style 😉

I’d like to enter it into a blog challenge:

More Mixed Media Challenge – “Anything Goes” – optional Yellow

I’m really going to have to start writing letters again so I can send some of these cards out!



Creating Brushos Backgrounds

Primary Colours Brusho Background

Primary Colours Brusho Background close up

I’ve gone a bit nuts creating Brusho backgrounds. I’ve found a few ways to get different effects with Brushos using vintage papers, loo roll and kitchen roll.

The image above was made by spraying a piece of kitchen roll with water so it’s really really wet and adding Brushos (primary colours), then then spraying again. Then I pressed a piece of sketchbook paper onto it to get a print. I used quite a lot of Brushos on this to get the vibrant colours.

I love using them with vintage papers. I have music sheets and an old dictionary. I tried taking ‘prints’ using loo roll instead of kitchen roll. It tended to come out quite faint, although it does get darker as it dries, but a piece accidentally ripped and stuck to the paper. When it dried it just popped off and left a lovely shadow, which was stronger in colour than the ‘prints’:

dictionary page brushos1

dictionary page brushos1 close up

I then had the bits of loo roll left, so I glued them on some music not paper:

Loo Roll and Brushos on Music Paper.jpg

Loo Roll and Brushos on Music Paper close up

This one is actually only one layer of the loo roll sheet, so not full thickness. At the moment you can probably still tell it’s loo roll, but with more added to the background, it could look lovely. The colour seems to stay more ‘true’using this method of application, compared to applying Brushos directly.

I’m also waiting for some pieces to dry where I have scrunched up the loo roll after spraying it with water and sprinkling it with Brushos, then pressed it between two pieces of paper. If it look any good, I’ll let you know!

If you try this, tell me how you get on!



P.S You can see a loo roll and Brushos handmade card here.