Meadow Scrapbook/Art Journal Page

meadow scrapbook page

meadow scrapbook page close up1

meadow scrapbook page close up2

So I was very naughty and bought myself a Santoro Willow small scrapbook kit from TK Maxx. I say naughty as I am great at starting projects, but then I get distracted by the next new idea! Does anyone else have that problem?

Well, I decided would make a start on it straight away, rather than just sticking it in the cupboard (with the others). I found some lovely stickers I’ve had for a while and never used (you can see one on the left of the page with the dandelion clock on). I faffed and fiddled for ages with what to add to it and whether to make it neat and straight or ‘rustic’. I found the willow image on the top right. It was actually on decoupage tissue paper which I glued down onto white paper and fussy cut out. The rainbow patterned paper was actually a Primark clothes label….I love it! I cut the ‘wilderness’ text from an old dictionary and scribbled on the Meadow definition…I wish it wasn’t going slightly up hill, but I’ll call that a good step towards relaxing my perfectionism! I have a feeling I may add more elements to it over time, but I’m going to try not to.

I might have to have a think about whether it needs to have a ‘purpose’. I don’t suppose much of my other stuff has a purpose though, so maybe not. Does anyone else feel slightly guilty using other people’s designs rather than drawing out your own images? I feel a bit of a fraud sometimes, but it’s okay to enjoy and appreciate beautiful things isn’t it? And creativity is creativity in all it’s forms.

I’d love to see what everyone else does with theirs. I couldn’t really find any that have been used on the internet.




4 thoughts on “Meadow Scrapbook/Art Journal Page

  1. britedesignsstudio

    LOOOVE this page! & to answer your question, YES! I do have that problem as well. I am notorious for starting someone new and being distracted, or even inspired, by something else in the process which then typically ends in me working on multiple projects at once.
    I started a “projects” page in my journal to keep track of my projects in progress, finished, and ones I want to work on next. This hasn’t eliminated my multi-project problem lol, but I do get more done though now! πŸ˜›


    1. Sorry, for some reason I didn’t get a notification that you left this comment! Thanks for joining in the discussion πŸ™‚ the project pages sounds like a great idea! I have loads of notebooks I’ve started writing different things in and then forgotten all about! Oops! Still, there are a few projects that are top of my list, so I’m going to try and concentrate on them. One it’s a gift for a friend. I really need to finish that before she fills the space on her wall with something else!!


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