As I was testing out the new stamps I got free with the June Issue of Making Cards and Papercraft magazine on a dictionary page and I thought what a shame it was that I’d used a page containing the word ‘alchemy’ rather than using it for something ‘alchemy’ themed. That then gave me an idea for this Cattitude card:

cattitude card front


cattitude card close up curiosity

cattitude card close up manipulatecattitude card close up pleasure

I love cats. I actually like that you have to work for their affection. I can’t have them myself at the moment as I rent a second floor flat. I love to visit my parents though. They have two crazy cats. The cats are currently in the dog house (not a sentence you hear very often) as it’s baby bird season and unfortunately their wild side is coming out :/ I was tempted to use ‘killer’ or ‘master’……but maybe I’ll use them on a later card.

I  would like to enter this card into the May 2018 Be Humorous Country View Challenge.

Does anyone else have these stamps? If so, what did you do with them?







10 thoughts on “Cattitude

  1. Hello RFC…
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those cat stamps. I’m going to have to do a seek and find mission to see if I can find this on sale somewhere, because I love the stamps so much. Such fun.

    Really like what you’ve done with them. They keep your attention and keep you looking at the whole ‘scene’. Brilliant.
    GREAT results.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


          1. Thanks for the info and help RFC. Mr.Cobs is about to pop out for a walk to the local shop, and I’ve emailed him a photograph of the magazine and stamps, which he can pick up on his phone, so he knows what he’s looking out for. After that .. Tesco’s will be the next port of call if the local shop doesn’t have it.

            Bless you for all your help and information.
            Have a lovely Friday! ~ Cobs. x


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