Stampendous Embossing Enamels on Wooden Pieces

embossed heart

I wanted to try new other ways of using my new Stampendous Embossing Enamels, so I thought…why not try them out on wooden embellishments!

embossed heart close up

This first one was done with the ‘Shabby Pink’. I normally heat from underneath, but it was a bit tricky with these, because they are thick. I did start heating from underneath, but when it started going, I heated from the side at an angle. You can see the bits of glitter and the pink and white embossing enamel with chunks of gold. In real life the colours are brighter and it really shines.

I had some wooden snowflakes and I just thought the enamels would be perfect. I used the ‘Aged Taupe’ on them. I am really pleased with the results. I’m tempted to temporarily attach them to a card as a fun Christmas present!


snowflakes close up

Has anyone else tried them on surfaces other than paper? Let me know how you got on!



P.S You can see another post on my first forays into using Stampendous Embossing Enamels here.


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