Making a Doll Pattern

I haven’t finished my first doll yet, but I wanted a challenge over Christmas, so decided to have a bash at making my own doll pattern (I never like to take the easy option!)….but how to go about it?

I did my initial sketches:

faun sketch 1

I want to make a faun. I have lots of ideas, I know I want to make quirky dolls from now on!

I started by making a template out of air-drying clay:


Then I removed the horns and ears and drew on the seams. I used pins and tissue paper to make templates with darts in:


I then tried it out of a cheap piece of white fabric:


This is the result. It needs a bit of tweaking (hence the pins). The purple pen lines will fade as it’s a light soluble  fabric pen.

The next steps are to do the same thing with the body and to trial both in the proper fabric….which I still have to decide on!


2 thoughts on “Making a Doll Pattern

    1. Ha ha and I didn’t add the two total failures I did to start with!

      It is a bit of a long process, but I really like the idea of doing original designs rather than using someone else’s pattern. Also I couldn’t find a pattern with a wider top of the head like I wanted. I’ve started doing the body. I’m hoping it with be easier than the head! It’s quite exciting when you finally get something that works! 🙂


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