Handmade Thank You Card

Thank you card

Just a quick post today to show you a ‘thank you’ card I made a couple of weeks ago.




Making a Doll Pattern

I haven’t finished my first doll yet, but I wanted a challenge over Christmas, so decided to have a bash at making my own doll pattern (I never like to take the easy option!)….but how to go about it?

I did my initial sketches:

faun sketch 1

I want to make a faun. I have lots of ideas, I know I want to make quirky dolls from now on!

I started by making a template out of air-drying clay:


Then I removed the horns and ears and drew on the seams. I used pins and tissue paper to make templates with darts in:


I then tried it out of a cheap piece of white fabric:


This is the result. It needs a bit of tweaking (hence the pins). The purple pen lines will fade as it’s a light soluble  fabric pen.

The next steps are to do the same thing with the body and to trial both in the proper fabric….which I still have to decide on!

Handmade Christmas Presents – Faux Leather Notebooks


I can finally show you some of the handmade Christmas presents I made for my friends and family.

They are faux leather notebooks made using a mix of glycerin and water on brown kraft card, which I then embossed. I then inked them, glued in the fabric inserts and vanished them. You can see the process here. I didn’t find the spray varnish very good though. It made them rough and scratchy, so I bought a small pot of clear satin wood varnish from Wilko.


I then glued and hammered on the metal corners (or with the fancy ones, just glued) and added the cord and charms to the spine.

I think they went down quite well. Sadly I didn’t make any spare ones!