Doll’s Shoes

So it turns out making shoes for dolls is quite tricky. Considering I’m pretty inexperienced in sewing, I’m quite pleased with how well they fit.

dolls soes

It’a a dull day, so the photo isn’t great, the colours are more vivid in real life.


I made them using some fabric I designed myself which we had printed. You can see I still need to neaten up the stitches and there is a tiny pull in the front of one of them which I plan to cover up with a bow.


It’s fun messing around with patterns. I made a mock up version out of a sheet and played around with it until I had a rough design. Then I used my printed fabric.


4 thoughts on “Doll’s Shoes

    1. Yes I did some stencils on my silhouette Cameo, did some gelli prints, scanned them in and collaged them. The only annoying thing is how easily you get pulls in the fabric, I’m a bit nervous about doing the rest of the dress as it so easily gets damaged!

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      1. smw166

        Love your doll looking forward to seeing her fully clothed. I read your comment about the fabric pulling…….have you got the right needle in your sewing machine? you’d need one for stretch fabric (or ballpoint)

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        1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Yes I haven’t got time to finish her at the moment as I’m working on Christmas presents, but I only have her dress to finish. Thanks for the advice, but actually it’s not the needle pulling it’s if I catch it, such as on a fingernail. I’ve tested some water resistance spray for shoes on a sample and that seems to really help reduce pulling, so I might try that before I do the dress.

          I’m so terrible at staying on task, I’ve started painting a steampunk gun this weekend! I’ve also got ideas for two more dolls.


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