Selling Designs

I went to a Craft Show at the weekend. I got chatting to a lady on one of the stands from a UK Craft Company who expressed an interest in buying some of my designs. I’ve never sold anything like this before. I’ve done some research online and art licensing is pretty complicated. You can sell a design for a one-off fee, or a licence to use it and get royalties. Or you can get royalties with an advance upfront sum. I’m thinking at the moment I would want to go down the royalties option. I don’t want to completely give up my designs and I’d have more influence that way.

Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?

I wouldn’t do it for the money, more to get my stuff out there. It’s exciting, but a bit complicated!




3 thoughts on “Selling Designs

  1. I think, in your situation, I’d take some professional advice. Maybe you could contact the Law Society and ask them for some advice on finding a lawyer who has a special interest in dealing with cases like your own.

    I know the Law Societ isn’t able to recommend – for that would be favouring one lawyer over another … but they might be able to point you in the right direction.

    I can understand your trepidation about this, and I think you’re right to be very cautious. Your artistic endevours are yours, so selling the rights to them might not be the right thing to do. You really do need some specialist advice in order to weigh up the possibilities and come to the right decision.

    Don’t be rushed or pushed by this craft company. If they really do want your images and aren’t just wanting any images so that they can make a quick buck off them, then they’ll allow you time to get lawful advice.

    Very best wishes and good luck.


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