Crafting Cheaply – £1 Products

NB I am crafting in the UK, but if you’re in other countries some of my bargain posts may still give you ideas. 

I bought some very cheap alphabet stamps £1 each from Every Crafts a Pound here. Things don’t stay on there for long, but I’ve seen them at The Range too I think. I love alphabet stamps! I have quite a few now. I find sentiments are a bit pointless unless you are doing a production line of cards (I’m lucky if I have time to make one).

alphabet stamps for wordpress

Last time I was at IKEA I bought a paper pack for £5 you can see it here.The paper isn’t thin, it’s somewhere between paper and card. You get A3 and A4 off white, A4 bolds and A4 pastels.

Today I got this sketch pad and foam tape/squares from Poundland for £1 each. The sketch pad paper has a nice feel to it. Nice and thick. Doesn’t feel scratchy.

A4 Sketchpad

foam tape and squares

I tried out the pad and the stamps when I was practising. This is what it looks like. I am really happy with them. The only downside with the stamps is you have to cut out all the letters, they are all joined together! I used a small pair of nail scissors.

dream big on pad

I still have more cheap craft ideas…..stay tuned.



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