Crafting Cheaply – Bag A Bargain

I thought I might do a few more ‘useful’ posts that other crafters might be interested in.

I’ve found a few craft things recently that have been surprisingly cheap. So…I thought….are they any good?

Cheap cutting dies:

Now, I’m not an expert in dies. But they are EXPENSIVE! I can’t afford to be spending £15 on a set of dies I might only use occasionally. So I did a bit of hunting around. I found a couple of places where you can get them MUCH cheaper. I don’t want to spend more than £6 on a die set.

These are the ones I found.

The Works‘ (a shop in the UK) have brought in a load of new die sets. I bought NEARLY ALL of them. You can sign up to the email newsletter and get 10-20% off online. Individually the sets are all £6 or less. The bundle set (link below) is out of stock at the moment, hopefully they will all come back in. I am very glad I bought them when I did. To find the M & C ones you have to search for ‘metal dies’. If not, a lot of them seem to also be on ebay.

M and C Boutique Metal Craft Dies Set

I’ve also bought dies from Amazon (UK). I wondered if they would be naff as they were so cheap, but so far they have worked fine. They seem to have the same die under all sorts of different Company names. I’ve checked the US Amazon and they do seem to have a lot of the same ones available.

tag dies

Metal tag dies

Cheap stamps:

stamps for wordpress 1

So I also bought some stamps while I was doing my Amazon order.

A variety of stamp options

The only stamp set I wasn’t so keen on was the Alice in Wonderland stamps. Only because they were much smaller than I expected and it’s hard to make out the design on most of them. There are still one or two I’d use, and they are so cheap I’m not too worried.

Click here to see the first tag I made with some of the stamps and dies I bought.

In the next Crafting Cheaply post I’m going to share some research I’ve done about different websites to buy branded craft products from to get a good price without paying a fortune for delivery.

You can also view my post on a cheaper alternative to Chameleon pens (if you already have alcohol markers in your stash) here.

I attempted to make my own DIY gelli plate, which I blogged about, but I gave up and bought a real one! Sometimes you have to spend the money on a tool which will last you a long time.




6 thoughts on “Crafting Cheaply – Bag A Bargain


    I know about The Works and have been shopping there for crafty products, for …. EVER! And have recommended them on my blog and to other blogging crafters in the UK many times.

    BUT … I didn’t know about the cheap dies on Amazon!!!!!
    I’ve been, and have bought four sets. (including the tags which you bought).
    Fingers crossed that they’re all as good as the ones you’ve received.

    Thank you so much RainbowFC. This is SO kind of you to share this information. Many won’t, and guard their secrets, which I just don’t understand. We’re all just doing stuff to make us happy.

    Bless you. Love you for this … and much more too.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x 🌹


    1. Oh I’m so glad it was helpful!! Just used my tag ones with some vintage music sheets. I really like them. I have found it’s best to just put one sheet of paper through with them to avoid extra impressions from the edge of the die, but even if you do get them I think they look fine 🙂

      You’ll have to let me know which ones you got and how they work. I got a sewing machine shaped die. Worked beautifully!

      Look forward to seeing how you use them!!



      Liked by 1 person

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