Word of The Week

I’m bringing back my ‘Word’ posts……because I still love language and words.


  • Having or showing great knowledge or learning.

    ‘Ken could turn any conversation into an erudite discussion’
    ‘she was very erudite’


Late Middle English: from Latin eruditus, past participle of erudire ‘instruct, train’ (based on rudis ‘rude, untrained’).

For the English Oxford Living Dictionaries link this was taken from and the correct pronunciation, click here.


Crafting Cheaply – UK Craft Websites & Shops

So I’ve started to compile a list of places to buy craft items in the UK. I’ve only added a few to start with, so hopefully I’ll keep adding to them.

Amazon – See my previous post for more details here. You can find all sorts from international sellers. Particularly good for cheap cutting dies and clear rubber stamps. I’ve bought ALL SORTS of craft products from Amazon.

Charity Shops – These are an absolute MUST. I’ve found some fantastic bargains: books of vintage sheet music for 50p, cheap white sheets for printing, a random find of silver clay, a whole box of stamp carving material and a map canvas I bought to paint over (but then hung on my wall). Some charity shops have special sections for craft items, so keep your eyes peeled.

Country View Crafts – They have a wide range of products and brands (great if you are looking for something specific) including Cosmic Shimmer, Tim Holtz and the Distress range. At the time of writing this Distress Ink Pads are a good price, £3.50. It has a sale section. I’ve found it’s particularly good around Christmas time for special offers. There is no delivery charge, so I love that I can just buy something small without having to make it up to £20 etc.

Craftasmic – This website is great for Cosmic Shimmer Products if you want to buy mulitples (as it has multibuy discounts). It also has Distress Inks and Distress Oxides. It does have a sale section, but the items it sells aren’t ones you tend to get massive savings on. Cheapest place I have found so far to buy Distress Oxides – 3 for £15. Delivery is free over £20.

Doughty’s (Fabrics) – I LOVE this website. I have to be careful not to splurge every time I have a look. They have very good sales. Quite a nice range of fabrics generally. Some expensive ones –  generally good for browsing the sale section. UK P&P rates are:

£0 – £14.99 =  £1.89    £15.00-£29.99 = £2.89    £30.00 – £49.99 =  £3.89    £50 – £99.99 =  £4.89

£100+ =  Free

eBay – Never forget eBay. I feel much better about using it now it has a buyers guarantee. I remember ordering something from Japan and it never showed up, even though they said they sent it twice! It put me off ordering again. I’m not sure how the import fees work, I’ve never bought anything I’ve had to pay that for, but I have ordered lots of small things from the East more recently and not had any issues.

Every Crafts A Pound – I’ve spent a small fortune on this website. Not every craft is actually a pound, but there are some really good savings if you are careful what you opt for. P&P Charges for the UK are:
£0.01 – £19.99 – £6.50
£20.00 – £39.99 – £4.99
£40.00 + Free

Fabric Time They have some really good sales. I love the linen look fabric. A good site for vintage/text/quirky fabrics. UK P & P £1.99.

Grafton Crafts – Again free delivery (I hate paying for delivery). They have a large range of products from all different companies. Check out the Clearance section at the bottom of the left hand menu. I’m tempted by the Crafter’s Companion 3D Embossing Folder (Regency Swirls) which is currently £5.99. I’ll get it if I don’t find it cheaper at the craft show I’m going to this weekend!

The Works  – They tend to have more craft stuff online than in store and if you join the newsletter you can regularly save 10-20%. I’ve bought loads of craft items. The dies are great (when they are all in stock). I’ve also bought Santoro items, gesso, general budget art equipment and vintage paper pads.

Wilcox and Cowling – They have some very good sales. Keep your eye on the ‘Special Offers’ section. I bought a load of Promarkers for a very cheap price, literally doubled my collection for about £20! They have traditional art supplies, canvases and paints. They also have crafty items such as stencils and marker pens. Free delivery in the UK for orders over £50, otherwise you will pay £2.95.

I’ll continue my research and add more to this list as and when I try more out. If anyone has used any other websites in the UK or elsewhere and wants me to add places to this list please let me know your experiences! 🙂

NB This information is based on my experience of these websites. Please let me know if your experiences differ.


The Craft Shopper’s Dilemma

via Daily Prompt: Local

So…..I have a dilemma. My local craft shop (the only one around that isn’t a big chain) are selling Distress Oxides for 3 for £17. Do I spend £2 more to support them than I would spend online? I feel guilty. There was no one else in there, so I spent around 10 mins chatting to the lady about products etc. I left saying I would be back….I WILL go back and buy something, but it’s against my ‘crafting cheaply’ mantra to spend more than I need to! I guess though I could say if I go back and don’t have the coffee I usually have when in town that I can spend the few extra quid in that shop….and you know….I didn’t have that coffee today 🙂 so if they aren’t ridiculously cheap at the craft show this weekend……I guess I’m getting some from the craft shop!


Crafting Cheaply – Recycling

I’m terrible….I never throw anything away if I might be able to use it in a craft project.


One thing I never waste is the ribbons you get in clothes. I hate them anyway, they always hang out and if they are really long you can get stuck in them!

clothes ribbon

cut ribbons

You get all sorts of lovely colours. And they are the perfect size for use in tags.

tags with ribbons

Have you every used these ribbons? What do you use them for?


Crafting Cheaply – £1 Products

NB I am crafting in the UK, but if you’re in other countries some of my bargain posts may still give you ideas. 

I bought some very cheap alphabet stamps £1 each from Every Crafts a Pound here. Things don’t stay on there for long, but I’ve seen them at The Range too I think. I love alphabet stamps! I have quite a few now. I find sentiments are a bit pointless unless you are doing a production line of cards (I’m lucky if I have time to make one).

alphabet stamps for wordpress

Last time I was at IKEA I bought a paper pack for £5 you can see it here.The paper isn’t thin, it’s somewhere between paper and card. You get A3 and A4 off white, A4 bolds and A4 pastels.

Today I got this sketch pad and foam tape/squares from Poundland for £1 each. The sketch pad paper has a nice feel to it. Nice and thick. Doesn’t feel scratchy.

A4 Sketchpad

foam tape and squares

I tried out the pad and the stamps when I was practising. This is what it looks like. I am really happy with them. The only downside with the stamps is you have to cut out all the letters, they are all joined together! I used a small pair of nail scissors.

dream big on pad

I still have more cheap craft ideas…..stay tuned.


Another Tag

I’ve been messing around with brush lettering. It’s trickier than it looks.

Dream Big

I’m trying not to worry about being perfect! As with the previous post, I used one of my new cheap tag dies, together with my vintage sheet music. I used my Tombow Dual tip pen for the lettering and I stamped with a new stamp from this set: Covermason Stamps. I used distress inks to add a zing of colour.

I have so many tags now,  I ought to work out what to do with them all! What do you do with yours?

Tag made with new bargains

tag for wordpress

So I made this tag using the tag dies I showed in this post. I used one of the new stamp sets I got from Amazon for the words. I used a page from a book of vintage sheet music I bought for 50p from a charity shop for the base of the tag. I did have to make the hole slightly bigger to get the ribbon through. I love the faux stitching round the outside.