Do I really need Chameleon Pens?

Chameleon alternative 1

So I’ve seen the promotional videos for Chameleon Pens. I love the idea of being able to make lighter tones of each colour, but I have LOADS of Promarkers and the Chameleon Pens are pretty expensive.

I wondered….can you do the same thing with Promarkers?

So I bought a cheap colourless blender (99p from The Works) and decided to try them out.

Chameleon alternative 2

So like with the Chameleon Pens, I tried holding the tip of the colourless blender to the tip of the Promarker. Apparently you have to do it with the blender pen above the Promarker or the colour from the marker goes onto the blender!

I then coloured with the Promarker:

Chameleon alternative 3

Not all my photos came out well, but you can see from the one underneath that it colours from clear and gradually fades into the full Promarker colour.

I tried it for severall different lengths of time.

Chameleon alternative 4

So it worked pretty well. Have a go yourself! Feel free to let me know if you have Chameleon pens, how you think it compares!

It seems to work best with darker/stronger colours.


6 thoughts on “Do I really need Chameleon Pens?

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  3. What a great idea. I was interested to see how you loaded the blender ie., the blender on top TFS. Great way to get more out of your craft stash and save the pennies hey! Impressed!
    Flo 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 I think you can do it with coloured pens too. It depends which pen is on top as to where the colour goes, but you can do it if you want to create ombre effects with brush lettering. I’m waiting for my coloured Tombows to arrive!! Then we’ll see if I’m brave enough to try it! RFC xx

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