Documented Life Project Week 4: Words With Friends

friends week 4


So this is my 4th page. I may have overdone the brightness and contrast, it’s not quite so bright in real life! This one is less ‘painterly’ than my other art journal pages, so I might eventually move it to a different art journal. I do like it. Whether it is ‘finished’ or not I am not sure yet. I sketched the girls out, then painted them and added the heads to the background after which I painted on the shoulders. It was my first proper attempt at hand drawn text. I think the text could be neater, but I quite like it. My scanner is not quite big enough to get the whole page, which is why the end of the writing is missed off.




4 thoughts on “Documented Life Project Week 4: Words With Friends

  1. Totally adorable! I love the three girls, and the background is perfect. As for the hand written words … they’re exactly how they should be. They kind of suggest that they may have been sewn by freehand on the sewing machine. I actually had to look twice to make up my mind if they were or not! lol.

    It’s a great page, and you should be rightly proud of it. I love it. ~ Cobs. x


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