Hurrah – 100 followers!

I’ve been stuck at 97 followers for a while and finally it’s skipped to over 100!  I don’t know how many followers everyone else has, but 100 feels good to me 🙂


14 thoughts on “Hurrah – 100 followers!

    1. Well I’d like to claim all the credit, but I think most of it is luck! I often create an ‘inlink’ on a blog of a professional crafter when I see she has them available (I love her work so I read her blog regularly) and I think that gets me some traffic. Then you can make sure you add a variety of tags, both general and specific. Thirdly, go and comment on lots of people’s blogs and people will see your blog and have a look. Oh and blog regularly, the days without new posts you definitely get less views. I’ve only been blogging since September-ish, so I’m not really an expert! 🙂


  1. Great tips Rainbowfc. I too am only recent to the blogging world and since I don’t do the facebook thing, and can’t for the life of me see the point of twitter (I’ve tried to, I really have), that means that I’m posting things and just pinning all my hope on people finding me by my posts. I’ve just managed 36 followers so am thrilled with that figure, but I have to say that some days I do wonder if maybe I’m just not making things people like to look at. I’ll have a go at some of your tips and see if I can generate more interest.


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