Gel Plate Attempt 2

Gelli Plate Attempt 2

music notes print 1

cogs print 1Okay so the prints work, that’s good, but some of them are still a little sticky and I’m trying to work out why. I added a bit more water, but I think it still might be the glycerin. I’ve re-melted it and added a bit more water so we’ll see if it actually sets okay now! And if so, is it still sticky? Anyway these are some of the (many) prints from this print run!

If anyone has any ideas about the gel mixture, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Gel Plate Attempt 2

  1. I didn’t add glycerin at all, just the double amount gelatine than used for food on the description. The plate was not so very durable, but did more than 50 prints in 2 sessions, a lot of fun. And the prints were not sticky at all. Much success!


    1. Oh okay, maybe Ill try that then if I can’t get mine to stop being sticky. I’ve read than the glycerin and sugar make it longer lasting. Though if I get some more gelatin I might just make it and chuck it away when I’m done!


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