Finally Finished….My Hand-Carved Alphabet!

Finally Finished....My Hand-Carved Alphabet!

Taking inspiration from a post on I decided that instead of paying nearly £20 to get some fancy alphabet stamps I’d seen, I would just carve my own. So I finally finished the ‘z’ today 🙂 They are a bit rough round the edges, but that’s the beauty. I want to do some numbers next!


20 thoughts on “Finally Finished….My Hand-Carved Alphabet!

    1. Thanks! I must say my neck hurt afterwards, but doing something like that takes a while can be very therapeutic. I did a flower stamp which came out better in clay than with ink. Can’t remember if I actually uploaded it or not 😉


  1. Fabulous! They make me think of Billy Smarts Circus! Sort of ‘Big Top’ style. I’m in awe of your dedication to the job. I think I’d have probably given up at around ‘E’ and decided that I didn’t need them ‘that’ much! {insert guilty, red embarrassed face here}


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