Further Sunshine Award Questions

As http://craftmanicmommy.wordpress.com/ very kindly nominated me for a second sunshine award, I decided that I would just answer her questions instead of doing the whole thing again!

  1. What’s your passion?

I have a few passions! Speech and Language Therapy and helping people with communication and swallowing problems is a major passion of mine. I also love anything art and crafty and to experiment with different techniques and materials. I write poetry too when the urge takes me!
2. Are you pursuing it?

Well I am still going to interviews for that first elusive job role. The craft stuff is a compulsion, so yes!

  1. Fruits or veggies?

Hmmm well both I guess! Veg with dinner, fruit (sometimes) with pudding 🙂
4. What inspires you?

Everything! Seeing other peoples work and the techniques they have used, hearing about new products and sudden ideas which pop up into my brain! Oh and of course trying things out for myself!
5. Do you have a cool crafting or life tip to share?

Hmmm well I think one thing  would say is that crafting can get expensive. I try to hunt for bargains, whether it’s buying make-up sponges from the pound shop or getting items to alter from charity shops. There are often alternatives for general stuff (a good one is using white emulsion instead of gesso) which allows me to spend more on the specialist products 🙂

  1. How do you feel about the 7 or less items shopping lane?

I haven’t really got strong feelings about it 🙂 I guess it’s useful, I prefer it to the stupid self-checkout machines!
7. What’s your go to dinner meal?

A Vietnamese red curry fish soup 🙂

  1. Favorite Quote?

Feel the fear and do it anyway (more of a motto really). It’s the title of a book too 🙂
9. What is one thing that you want to learn that you haven’t had the chance to get to yet?

Oh there are HUNDREDS of things! I want to learn British Sign Language, counselling skills, a foreign language and LOADS of craft techniques! I have some silver art clay I am dying to work out how to use.
10. Do you think you’ve found your purpose in life?

Yes! I just hope I can get the job after all the training!
11. And most importantly: do you want fries with that?

Hmmm no, I’d rather have spicy potato wedges!


4 thoughts on “Further Sunshine Award Questions

  1. LOOOOVE your answers! My toddler is going through speech therapy right now because he is delayed so I’m very happy there are people such as yourself who are out there helping others to communicate! Best wishes in your pursual of this!


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