Melting Pot Embellishements

Melting Pot Embellishements

cogs embellishments


latin embellishment

I got some more melting pot stuff for Christmas, so I dug out my melting pot and had a play around 🙂


15 thoughts on “Melting Pot Embellishements

    1. Well thank you, I’m glad you like my stuff. I had a nosy at your blog, it looks good! I like the guest posts and the Q & A! I also love Somerset Studio, but the shop I used to buy it from closed down 😦 here the best mag is Craft Stamper which I love 🙂


  1. Ohh, I’d seen these treads before but never seen them being used. They look fabulous! I’m going to have to get some of those! Thank you so much for sharing, my Rainbow Fingered Crafter friend (who’s in the generalised South of England – like I am! YAY! lol). Many thanks for the response. ~ Cobwebs.


      1. Hasn’t today been totally beautiful?!! There have been some of the most amazing clouds in the sky where I am, and even more fantastic against the incredible blue of the sky. So warm here that I had to have the air conditioning on in the car! (I just wanted to go to the beach and feel the sand between my toes. Sadly I had already promised to be a ‘taxi’ to take a relative to the hospital, so the beach will have to wait.)


        1. Ha ha, I have somewhat missed the sun, been beavering away inside on my latest crafting project! It’s actually lucky for you though, when I took my Dad in to hospital and picked him up it was during an awful storm and I parked round the corner from my house in case trees came down in the wood opposite my house….I got totally soaked though!


      1. 🙂 … yes guessed it probably was. Very effective. I love the finish you can get with wax on UTEE. (I love my cauldron melt pot to the ends of the earth and back. It’s magical!)

        You got caught in a storm today? Hells Bells! It’s been so beautiful here, round the corner from where you live. Crumbs, I can’t take in how bad you’ve had it. Poor you!


        1. Oh no, not today, just meant when I was taking someone to hospital…I meant that you missed out on the sunshine, but it may have been better than getting caught out in a storm like I was when I had to take someone to hospital! Make sense? 🙂


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